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Good days for haircut hindu

The first haircut for a human has special significance in certain cultures and religions. It can be considered a rite of passage or a milestone. In Hindu tradition, the hair from birth is associated with undesirable traits from past lives. Thus at the time of the mundanthe child is freshly shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into the future.

When to get a Haircut

It is also said that the shaving of the hair stimulates proper growth of the brain and nerves, and that the sikhaa tuft at the crown of the head, protects the memory.

Hindus practice a variety of rituals from birth to death. A boy's first haircut, known as choulais one such samskara and is considered an event of great auspiciousness.

good days for haircut hindu

The lawbooks or smritis prescribe that a boy must have his haircut in his first or third year. While complete tonsure is common, some Hindus prefer to leave some hair on the head, distinguishing this rite from the inauspicious tonsure that occurs upon the death of a parent. Those that practice complete tonsure generally ritually offer the hair to their family deity. Many travel to temples such as the famed Tirumala Venkateswara Temple of Lord Vishnu to perform this ceremony.

Traditionally, a Hindu girl never has her hair cut after the first haircut which generally happens at the age of 11 months; So the first haircut for the girl is very important because that is the only time they do. However, some Hindus practice a tonsure ceremony for girls as well. The details vary by sect, locality, family, and country. And also old timer Hindu people said that a newborn baby should bald their hair as cannot be with newborn hair for so long as it was a sign of a bad luck. Most of the people will bald their babies hair in the age of months and Hindu also follow odd months to do.

At the twentieth day from birth, Maliku babies' heads are shaven and the hair is weighed against gold or silver, which is given to the poor. The ceremony is called boabeylun. Mongolian children get their first haircut in early ages between Depending on the lunar calendar, boys receive their first hair cut in their odd year and girls in even year. The ritual of cutting the first hair is called Daah' Urgeeh. It is a big occasion for a whole family when guests are invited.

Each guest cuts a strand of hair, saying his wishes to the child, and gives a gift. Many Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish boys get their first haircut when they are three years old. The hair-cutting ceremony is known in Yiddish as the upsherenish or upsherin shear offand in Hebrew as halaqah smoothing. In Israelthere are also non-religious families who adhere to this custom and do not cut their sons' hair until the age of three. This first haircut traditionally took place between the ages of 7 and 10, and was conducted by either the boy's father or a stranger, who would thus enter into the boy's family.

The ritual haircut, coupled with the granting of an additional given name usually the thirdmarked the boy's coming of age and a transition to the world of men, in which he was to be looked after by his father. Ukrainian babies often have their hair cut on their first birthday as part of the ancient Postryzhennya custom. In Cook Islands tradition, the haircutting ceremony is a rite of passage for young boys. As his hair is cut, members of the community plaster the boy with money or other gifts.

The custom serves to maintain reciprocal ties within the extended family and community. Traditionally, Niuean boys do not cut their hair, which is lovingly cared for by sisters, mothers and fathers.

When the boys become teenagers, a ceremony is held where women tend the hair for the last time before it is cut. Members of the extended family plaster the youth with banknotes — all part of a large informal Niuean economy that links families and ensures the community looks after its own.The next important ceremony after Annaprasana and Namakarana in a Hindu child's life is the Mundan or Chadakarana when the baby has his first hair cut.

The Mundan ceremony can be done in the 1st year, 3rd year or 5th year of age but it is normally done before the completion of three years of age of the boy. Please note that Mundan as a ceremony is prescribed only boy babies but today with the changing times, it has become a practice to have the ceremony done for girl child too.

This is followed by a feast and the giving of presents which form the social aspect of the Mundan as a samskar. Shaving the head is termed as "Ayushkarma" in Sanskrit, It means enhancing the longevity or the life span of the child.

The child's hair at the time of birth is not strong and the mundan ceremony ensures that hair roots are strengthened and strong hair is formed.

good days for haircut hindu

The shaved head received Vitamin D from from exposure to sun and this has its own medicinal benefits. Little hair is left at the back known as "Shikha", this is supposed to protect that part of the brain which helps in memory. The Shikha is also supposed to denote the place where, for a pious person, the soul leaves the body at the time of death.

In North India, the Mundan or Chadakarana ceremony is done usually at one of the Goddess Durga's temples in the hills. You can read more about Mundan ceremony in Tirupati. Also check our section on baby horoscope - traits and characteristics.

Indian baby names, Hindu baby names Indian names. Mundan or chadakarana ceremony, baby's first hair removal, hindu hair removal tradition The next important ceremony after Annaprasana and Namakarana in a Hindu child's life is the Mundan or Chadakarana when the baby has his first hair cut.Wonder for the best days for haircut? The answer to this question depends on your goal, the result that you want to get. Cutting the tips you are surely hoping that the hair will grow quickly and become healthier.

But creating a new look with the help of a cardinal haircut, you expect that it will retain its shape and length for long. And here the simple lunar rules works — I described them in the post Lunar cycle phases. As you know, the waxing moon 1stth lunar daysat lunar spring and summer, provokes the growth and development of everything on Earth.

కటింగ్ షేవింగ్ ఏ రోజు చేస్తే - Which Days is Best For Hair Cutting - haircut for men - jkr bhakthi

The same, of course, applies to our hair. Cutted on the waxing moon hair grow quickly, and this is the best time to cut the sick ends. The waning moon 16thth lunar daysgradually disappearing from the night sky, is constantly thinning and decreasing, contributing to slowing the growth and getting rid of everything that is superfluous. Lunar autumn and winter are the best periods for a haircut, which you hope to keep in a pristine condition for a long time.

What lunar day is today? However, not all so simple. In addition to the speed of hair growth, there are other factors that influence the choice of the best lunar day for a haircut. Do not forget that every lunar day corresponds to a certain part of the human body, activates certain organs.

Astrologers advise to avoid direct exposure to the organ on that lunar day, which activates it. Therefore, the haircuts lunar calendar excludes days corresponding to the organs of the head and skin. So, 5 and 22 days of the lunar cycle are unfavorable for hair cutting. Generally, such days are considered as unfavorable and even satanic in some esoteric schools. In fact, these days of the lunar cycle — 9, 15, 19, and 29 — are simply characterized by a very powerful flow of lunar energy, which not all people can cope with.

Therefore, do not forget that the hairdresser is also a human. It is better not to visit him on unfavorable lunar days. Moreover, do not forget about the nature of each lunar day and its special influence on all spheres of human life. Of course, this influence extends to the manipulation with the hair. Best days for haircuts are not just days that promote their faster growth, or, on the contrary, slow it down, keeping the neatness of your haircut.

For example, 3 lunar daywith its active energy and business acumen will contribute to increasing the income of a person who will make a haircut. A haircut on 13 lunar day will help a person dramatically change his life for the better, saturating its with creativity and innovative ideas that correspond to the spirit of the day. Be attentive and remember that different manipulations with hair — haircut, coloring, perms, healing — often have a completely different essence in terms of lunar energy.

Choosing when to cut hair by the lunar calendar, do not plan other procedures on these days. Remember that for coloring, for example, the waning moon is the bad choice. The color can quickly disappear from your hair like the waning crescent, rolling to the new moon, from the sky.

good days for haircut hindu

Well, and most important. When determining when to treat teeth by the lunar calendar, keep in mind that there are a few special days you can use to plan anything, including your visits to the barbershop. So, 1 lunar day of the cycle is created for planning, defining goals and desires, thinking through strategies in any area of your life.

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If you determine your new style, future haircut type and the favorable date for it on the first lunar day, you will be probably pleased with the result. Therefore, keep in mind that everything you say on this day will surely come true. Wishes conceived on this day will necessarily come true, if you really believe in it and clearly know what you want.

Skip to content Wonder for the best days for haircut? Best days for haircut by lunar calendar Moreover, do not forget about the nature of each lunar day and its special influence on all spheres of human life.

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Haircuts lunar calendar — general rules Be attentive and remember that different manipulations with hair — haircut, coloring, perms, healing — often have a completely different essence in terms of lunar energy.Since my childhood, I have been hearing from my parents that we should not cut hair or nails on Saturday.

You should not shave also on this day. When asked why they used to tell me that it brings bad luck as it brings anger of Planet Shani Saturn upon us. We lose money and peace of mind in our life.

This belief is very common amongst Hindus, and hence, most of the Hindus do not cut hair or nails on Saturday. The answer seems reasonable for those who believe in Astrology and do not like to question the traditions. Those who are not satisfied with the answer always try to find the actual scientific reasons behind such things. In Indian Astrology, Shani has great importance in terms of human life.

It is believed that all the bad things that happen to us are because of Planet Shani. Especially, in Kali Yuga, Shani is very powerful and even deities have to suffer from his anger. The second most probable and logical reason could be that in old times, the people from barber caste used to do the job of cutting hair and they had no weekly off. Hence, in that way, they used to get a weekly off on Saturday.

Mundan Muhurat 2018 – Auspicious Days For First Haircut

In general, there used to be only one or two barbers in a village. Therefore, on Sunday the workload would be maximum and therefore, they were able to relax and prepare themselves for the rest of the week. There could be many other reasons behind it. We cannot tell anything certainly today. Many businessmen and executives have to shave every day; still, they are earning heavily and living a good life.

Problems will always be there in our lives whether you cut your hair on Saturday or not. It is our attitude that matters. We should remember that things change with time. This tradition could be right for the old time. There could be some reason behind it but nowadays, it seems useless.

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Hence, we should get off such things from our minds. Saturday Shani and Tuesday Mars are prone to accidents Or injuries symbolically. Second main reason, fasting on these days is recommended to spend more time on spiritual practices rather than beautification of oneself. Saturn is not for beauty, he is symbolically represented as a poor old man. Its your choice.Could you please explain me the logic behind the above eight Hindu customs on Bathing and Haircutting? Ritesh H. Generally oil bath is taken as it disperse the dusty, oily particles present on the skin.

This phenomena helps to make the skin to remove heat from inside of the body, which acts as a valve, to outside easily. It might also be one of the reason. Please share if you knew the actual reason. We are actually in a quest to find the truth. Yes, hair cutting for women on Thursday's are recommended as Thursdays provide the positive energy for prolonged growth.

Thanks for droppping in your valuable compliments that make me serve you better.

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Jan 18, Hindu customs on Bathing and Haircutting. You should never have a oil head bath on Amavasai, Pournami, Janma Nakshatram and on Sundays and also on your birthday and wedding day. When you are returning from the burial ground after attending someone's funeral you should not have head bath with oil on that day. One should never have a bath immediately after returning from the temple.

good days for haircut hindu

You should never bathe in the sea when your wife is pregnant. Having a haircut on a Sashti except if it falls on Sundays or Thursdays is not good for ones brother. Having a haircut on a Pournami except if it falls on Sundays or Thursdays is not good for ones father. Having a haircut on a Navami except if it falls on Sundays or Thursdays will lead to wealth losses. After a hair cut you should not have head bath with oil on that day.

Labels: hindu customsHindu customs on BathingHindu customs on haircut. Ritesh H May 9, at AM. Hamsi May 9, at AM. Lokanadham June 5, at PM. Hamsi June 6, at AM. Anonymous May 23, at PM.Skip to main content. Lunar calendar. Today Week Month. Lunar calendars by topic Full Moon calendar New Moon calendar Moon phases Ekadashi calendar Business lunar calendar Lunar calendar of meditations Nutrition lunar calendar Gardening lunar calendar Lunar calendar of dreams Lunar calendar of health Lunar calendar of housework Beauty lunar calendar.

Lunar calendars for beauty Haircut lunar calendar Hair coloring lunar calendar Lunar calendar of epilation Manicure lunar calendar Lunar calendar of skin cleansing Nail care by lunar calendar Lunar calendar of massage Daily lunar calendar of beauty. Read also: Lunar calendar on today Lunar calendar for April Full moon calendar Hair coloring lunar calendar Nutrition lunar calendar Business lunar calendar Beauty lunar calendar.

Select your location London. General lunar calendars Lunar calendar on today Lunar calendar on week Lunar calendar on month Lunar calendar for Lunar calendar for Full Moon calendar New Moon calendar. Zen-Master for Android Mobile application for enhancing the awareness during everyday life Read more Advice for women Nutrition lunar calendar Proper hair care Haircut lunar calendar Manicure lunar calendar Face mask in home conditions The best days for massage Beauty lunar calendar.

Moon calendars General moon calendar Moon calendar for garden Moon calendar of health Moon calendar for business Moon calendar of meditations Moon calendar of the dreams Moon calendar of housework. Powered by Rivendel, Mobile application for enhancing the awareness during everyday life Read moreAs far as my knowledge goes, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays are the days banned for these activities.

Apparently its been an age old tradition with barbers in India to keep their shops closed on tuesdays. But recently I have been told by some that cutting nails on tuesdays brings u back the money lent by u as debt to someone.

Is it a mere superstition? If you feel that your hair or nails are grown enough and to be cut, go ahead at the first opportunity to get them cut without bothering about religion, auspicious day or auspicious time.

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But ensure that the cut nails and hair are disposed of without creating any litter. It could be best understood by modern thinking that, darkness has an drowsy effect on the body. And birth day of the week could be expecting new than loosing some part of the body for a mental stress. These are very subtle in nature to be taken as Superstition Im sorry Im a Christian and that's why human beings do in comparison to Christians because of the fact all of us be attentive to the least approximately our holy observe and attempt the toughest to shove it down different peoples throats.

It says a similar factor because of the fact the Quraan First, in Hinduism no such thing is there in religious books. Vedas are the basic books no such thing is mentioned in them, second Geeta and Ramayana also does not carry any thing like that.

I am HINDU and have crossed 71 years of age and have never followed such things and has happened nothing to me, I have never been Hospitalise for any ailment. So do not pay any heed to such things. Whenever the nails grow and we have time, cut it. Who can prohibit our actions! Let the blind religions sit and pray!

Good Days for Haircut Hindu: ചൊവ്വാഴ്ച്ച മുടിവെട്ടരുത്!

According to Hinduism on what days is cutting nails or hair prohibited and what are the reasons? What abt Islam? I believe Islam also follows certain rules regarding these things? Update: Revathy ji n Chilam Answer Save. Gee Waman Lv 6. Best Days To Cut Hair.

Moni Lv 4. Cutting nails and hair is avoided on the day of the week we were born. It is also avoided at night. What do you think of the answers?

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You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Vasu Lv 4. Prema Lv 7. Please also avoid during chandrastama days.

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